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Selena Gomez ‘I’m Going On Tour With Demi’

Posted in Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez on November 12, 2008 by gossipgalx


Selena Gomez revealed to USA Today: ‘Me and my best friend, Demi Lovato, are working on a single together, and we’re also planning a tour. We’re really excited. I’m also working on my own album, and I think it’ll come out next year sometime.‘ Are YOU excited


Selena Gomez ‘I’ll Lie Down, Eat A Pickle & They’ll Play With My Hair.’

Posted in Selena Gomez on November 12, 2008 by gossipgalx


Selena Gomez confessed to Tiger Beat what she does when feeling down: ‘When I’m having a bad day or I’m not feeling well, I love it when someone plays with my hair.

I can always depend on my mom, my Nana and my best friend to do it. I’ll just lie down, eat a pickle and they’ll play with my hair. That’s how I cure the blues.

And if Demi is having a bad day, she’ll come over and I’ll just bring up inside jokes or I’ll get up and start dancing. Then, we pull out the ice cream.’

Selena Gomez New BFF With Taylor?

Posted in Selena Gomez, Taylor Siwft on November 12, 2008 by gossipgalx


Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are brand new best friends forever. Taylor told Tiger Beat at the Another Cindrella Story premiere:

‘I hang out with Selena a lot. It’s really cool just being around her. She’s a real person. It’s easy to get caught up in this business, the fact that Selena’s so normal and real is cool.

added, ‘Taylor’s incredible. She is the most down to earth person I’ve ever met. I’ve never clicked with anyone like that since Demi. We talk on the phone every day and she’s just like a big sister.’

Hopefully Selena won’t replace BFF Demi for Taylor