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Taylor Swift ‘I Will Never Chase A Boy’

Posted in Taylor Siwft with tags on November 12, 2008 by gossipgalx


Taylor Swift interview with The Morning Call 

How has relationships affected your songwriting? I love to write about love and boys and relationships, and being on the road and living in a tour bus does not affect how I write songs.

I still love to write songs about boys, and I like to use their real names. I guess I got older and more mature in this new album, but I wasn’t trying to.

Joe Jonas. Is he your new ‘Love Story?’ No, he broke up with me actually, so the third record is going to be very interesting. Being a celebrity is interesting because other celebrities call you, but I’m more a fan of just meeting somebody, letting it happen.

If someone falls into your lap, great. That’s what I do. I sit there and I wait. I will never chase a boy. I will never call a boy first. That will never happen.